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The Adventure of Aviation exhibition tells the story of 100 years of aviation history and technology that begins with the Wright Brothers first powered flight in 1903.  It occupies 18,000 sf on two levels of space and displays seven aircraft or full-size replicas that represent a chronological trip through a century of American aviation.  Included are the Wright 1903 Flyer, a Stearman biplane, a B-24 Liberator, an A-6 Avenger, an F-16  cockpit, a climb-in F-22 and an entire DC-9 (minus the port wing) which visitors can walk through.  Numerous interactive exhibits allow visitors to experience history and technology first-hand such trying to build a plane, riding in a B-24 on a WW2 bombing mission, landing a plane on a carrier deck,  piloting a USAF jet fighter, launching an F-14 from a aircraft carrier and using the video Ship Scanner to see inside a 25’ model of the U.S.S. Reagan super-carrier and learn how a floating city works while having a chance to meet the men and women who operate it.

A Century of Aviation:  The Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, Virginia

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