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More than twenty interactive exhibits and media experiences allow visitors to experience aviation history and technology first-hand such as trying to build a plane, learning how propellers and jet engines work, riding in a B-24 on a WW2 bombing mission, landing a plane on a carrier deck,  piloting a USAF jet fighter, launching an F-14 from a aircraft carrier and using the video Ship Scanner to see inside a 25’ model of the U.S.S. Reagan super-carrier and learn how a floating city works while having a chance to meet the men and women who operate it.  A special children’s exhibit area allows kids to have hands-on aviation-themed fun.  Iinteractive Planespotter stations are used to “spot” and learn about the aircraft on display in VASC’s dramatic 80’ high atrium space.

Interactive Aviation Exhibits:  The Virginia Air & Space Center, Hampton, Virginia

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