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Three Skeletons:  The Mütter Museum,  Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ton Vacne, ev

Eaton Vance Blue = Pantone 279C

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The three skeletons in the display compare the skeletons of a Giant, a Dwarf and a normal-sized adult.  The exhibit case was specially designed to present the three specimens in a manner that was both visually interesting and allowed multi-sided viewing and inspection.  I remember presenting an alternative display idea to Gretchen Worden, the curator of the Mütter Museum.  The idea was prompted both by Gretchen’s delightful sense of the incongruous and by the two holes that do, in fact, exist on the top of the skull of the Dwarf.  I created a sketch showing the Giant with a thumb and finger inserted into the holes in the Dwarf’s skull.  The Giant was also depicted wearing size 22 tri-colored rental bowling shoes (the type with the number on the heels) and the Dwarf was depicted standing inside of a large classic leather bowling bag.  I presented the concept to Gretchen.  She loved it.  But it was knocked down by the institution’s top brass. Definitely one of those once-in-a-career opportunities.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained, I suppose.